Purifiers are the militant extremist of the purist moment. They are violent extremists who think the only way to save humanity is to violently oppose those that want to change it. To them this is an actual war for the survival of the species. Still most of it’s members do there work as covertly as possible. The local authorities seem to have better thing to do then investigate crimes against the transhuman agenda. Still if there is blatant evidence or a crime in progress action is taken.

Heroes of the movement

Richard McCloud

A veteran of many conflicts with government remnants. Richard found himself horrified at the atrocities that augmented soldiers where capable of. Many of the old government forces did not adhere to the limitations of the HPA and created truly monstrous soldiers. His hate grew from there. He is one of the few public faces of the moment. A wanted criminal delivering impassioned speeches and planning strikes from hidden safe-houses across the city.

Richard is a leader and a soldier. A brutal close combat soldier and a skilled battlefield commander. He will often direct troops from the middle of the action effortlessly coordinating his men while cutting down opposition. Richard still wears his powerarmor from his military day which he painted the black and green of the movements colors.

Bella McCloud

Bella is Richard’s wife. An ex-corporate spy to who the term fem fatal does not do justice. She is a red head with an impossible perfect body. This is because her looks are not natural. While she will use them to her advantage as much as possible she still resents them. She was a very pretty girl before, child of apostates nomads. Her family was abducted and forcibly patriated by house Tsarya. She was augmented against her will her appearance altered and put to work as a spy. Eventually she saw her moment and tried to escape with her family but failed. She got out but her family died. She hates augmentation and houses that use it at all deeply.

Bella is much more subtle then her husband but no less affective. She is very charismatic and uses that for mission and in propaganda. A master infiltrator and assassin she is much more precise then her husband. Her skill at disguise are practiced enough to allow her to operate even while being a famous wanted criminal.


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