New Moscow

New Moscow is the only counsel settlement on Indora Prime. There are listening posts, construction sites, small domed farms and other things of that nature spread across the planet, but New Moscow is the only that houses more then a dozen people.

With a population of around 200000, it’s a city like you would find anywhere in the counsel. Aside from the dome, artificial gravity and artificial mountain built under it. The mountain is needed because it would be impossible to have that much weight on drifting ice and snow.

Socially New Moscow is very young. It has no real leaning yet, unless you count chaotic. Every house and ideological faction is pushing hard to gain and grow a foot hold in the city. Because of this the security force is much stronger then one would suspect from a city this size.

Currently the governor is Yuri Baklovik is up for reelection next year.

City aspects

Normal gravity
Trees and bushes
Uprising of angry pursit
Dommed city

New Moscow

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