Hope's Peaks

Hope’s peaks are glacial mountain range located thousands of kilometers west of the city. This massive range spans an length of 2500km north to south and a varies at width from 100 to 300km. The range is death trap. Strewn with sharp sudden drops, jagged ice formations and sudden ice avalanches of jagged shrapnel.

The apostates

The peaks are also home to an apostate enclave of the same name that lives in various under ground caves throughout the peaks. While the most of the apostates that live there are simply people who are looking to live there lives with a level privacy and independence that the counsel can’t offer. They are willing to put up with the hardships that the lake of counsel resources imposes.

Others are much more militant in nature lead by Conner Sheehan. Some concern themselves with the defense of the enclave, others are more aggressive. The survival of the enclave depends on the procurement of counsel resources peacefully if they can but just as commonly by hijacking it. Lastly there are those that attack the counsel to try to drive them off of the planet. Ideological warrior fighting the good fight. These schools of thought are not exclusive to each other and many are willing to take part in various forms of action.

Hope's Peaks

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