Indora's Claim

The Story So Far (Continued)...

- On the way out of town Doc filled us in on what was going on. Apparently the cute blonde in the limo hired Doc (via an encrypted Comm message) to kill the guy in the suit, whose name it turns out was Quinton Delancy, and then take his head to an interested third party out in the frozen wastes, some mad scientist type known for conducting illegal experiments in bio-augmentation (hereafter referred to as “Dr. Demented” or “Dr. D”).
- Scanning the local Extranet we discovered that Delancy was a Praetorian investigator. We discuss our next move over the Comm. During this time, Doc receives another message informing him that we are to pick up some additional muscle for our team at a nearby park. The guy turns out to be a white-furred gorilla-like creature with no CID, dressed in a brown trench coat and hat. Probably one of those apostate gorillas the governor was having trouble with. He squeezes into the back of the limo with Doc and Saksuun and they continue on their way. I follow at a safe distance, watching our rear.
- Following a brief exchange of introductions, our little convoy is attacked by flying armed responder drones who were apparently tracking Delancy’s limo. Still in the SUV, I was ordered away as they closed in on the limo. I retreat to ground level and follow, using the local greenery for cover.
- Through a combination of sheer dumb luck, reckless abandon, and brute force, Doc and them manage to take out the drones, but not before the limo takes significant damage (despite Kazue’s impressive piloting skills) and crashes in the nearby treeline, exploding in a ball of blue fire. As it’s going down, Saksuun hurls himself from the vehicle. I manage to catch him with the SUV about midway down. Doc uses his nanoswarm to float/fly himself and the gorilla to safety as Kazue manages a daring escape shortly before impact, using a piece of the wreckage, torn off during the initial impact, as a sled of sorts and amazingly manages to ride it away from the explosion without more than some cuts and bruises.
- We regroup in the SUV and make a break for the spaceport. Kazue picks up her warframe and we leave New Moscow, learning on the news that local law enforcement is busy with some sort of biological weapon attack and that somehow a local Purifier celebrity managed to get video of the battle with the drones, which she is using to incite further unrest against the augmented.
- We head out into the frozen wastes, discussing our options on the way. After a few hours we spot a couple vehicles leaving the wreckage of a military transport, which they apparently vandalized with the symbol of the Jacob’s Hand terrorist group. As we already had enough to deal with, we let them go.
- Arriving at the coordinates where we were to meet Dr. D, we find a makeshift camp of heavily armed and armored soldiers nestled amidst a small skiff/shuttle and a much larger freighter. Hesitant to say the least, we send Doc in without the head to talk with them while Kazue provides cover from nearby. The rest of us keep our distance in the SUV.
- Taking evasive maneuvers after they lock their weapons on the SUV, Saksuun and I argue over whether or not to retreat. Doc returns to the SUV with the intent of taking the head to Dr. D. An intense discussion/argument breaks out over whether that is the right course of action, not merely strategically but also morally. Doc and Kazue argue that we are outmatched and should simply give up the head in order to avoid making enemies and save our skins, while the rest discuss alternate solutions. In the end, much to Doc’s dislike, it is decided to snatch Dr. D and use him as a hostage to assist in our escape.
- Again through a combination of dumb luck and sheer balls, our plan succeeds. We manage to keep the head and grab “the good doctor,” and flee into the wastelands, discovering that the doctor’s assistant is some kind of savant, able to control nanoswarms in a manner similar to Doc, apparently able to use the swarm to shield himself from various attacks.
- The doc’s security forces give chase. Realizing that we cannot outrun them, as Kazue’s warframe moves much slower than the SUV, and that even with the warframe we are still outgunned, we seek sanctuary in a nearby canyon, retreating further into a series of caves and caverns. We also put the doc to sleep and tie him up to ensure he won’t be able to reveal our location to his men.
- Setting ourselves up in a multi-tiered cavern following a choke point, we ambush one of the scouting parties: a half-dozen, heavily armed men in power armor. The resulting battle is intense to say the least, with Saksuun and the warframe taking the brunt of the damage. Not having a gun, I stick with the SUV as the others unleash their fury upon the enemy: Doc blasting away with his particle cannon, Kazue launching volleys of missiles, and Saksuun hacking his way through dodging combatants, with the gorilla-yeti-thing savaging those that stumbled within its reach.
- After attempting to snag a gun from one of the soldiers using my grappling spike launcher, the SUV and I are set aflame. Not having any other weapons that can penetrate their armor, I make use of the SUV once again. Unfortunately it doesn’t fare quite so well. I manage to throw myself clear just before it crashes into a pair of armored speed bumps and explodes, extinguishing my burning clothes in the snow. Turning their attention, and gunfire, to me as I bolt across the cavern floor, dodging and weaving a hail of bullets, and hurl myself down a crevasse, seeking cover, the remaining assailants leave themselves open to Doc and company and are quickly dispatched.
- In the following lull, we scavenge the dead (and the wreckage of the SUV) for supplies, recovering a few weapons and the mnemonic cores of Dr. D and the Praetorian (from the charred remains of their owners), and make repairs to ourselves and our gear, trying to think of our next move.

The Story So Far...
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- Travelled by transport (along with Doc, Saksuun, and Kazue) to the planet of Indora Prime, a small ice world in the Indora system.
- Landed at the spaceport in New Moscow, a small dome city located near the planet’s equator and the only Coalition settlement on Indora Prime.
- Travelled by armored skiff (i.e., Black SUV with tinted windows) to the governor’s palace.
- Met with the governor, Yuri Baklovik (of House Jinzhan).
- Was told that he was having issues with various militant extremists, most notably apostate guerrillas and the Jacob’s Hand terrorist group, issues he hoped we could alleviate without undue media attention.
- During the briefing, the compound was attacked by armed and armored troops (some of whom were augmented) who arrived via drop pods. Seemed to be trying to kill the governor.
- Through a combined effort of the governor’s security and ourselves, the attackers were defeated and the governor protected. No known survivors amongst the attackers. During the battle, Saksuun used a smoke grenade and Doc used his nano swarm to create a wall to shield the governor while he retreated to safety. J.A.C. and I “requisitioned” the SUV during the chaos and used it to mow down several opponents, including a heavily cybered thug who got caught in the engine. Kazue rode shotgun, firing at passersby.
- Left before the Centurions (or whatever passes for local law enforcement) showed up.
- Found a place to stay in town. Freshened up. Cleaned the vehicle’s interior and exterior.
- The group decided to hit a local bar, despite Saksuun’s protests, to get a feel for the local scene.
- For some reason, Saksuun attacked and killed some guy (and his security) in the parking lot and accosted his date. He cut off the guy’s head (which he took, along with the guy’s ride) and left with Kazue and Doc. They then headed out of town. Followed in the SUV.


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