Dwarven Rigger/Tech-Wiz


Short but perfectly proportioned, with tan skin, a tight, muscular build, and prominent nanotattoos (predominantly geometric and tribal designs, as well as the odd clawed paw print or heart) on the right side of his body, from his abdomen to face (and right side of his head), and down his neck, shoulder, and right arm, and across the right side of his back. Though inky black when at rest, they can glow with their own inner light (in a variety of colours). Is pleasantly-featured, with white-blonde hair, worn in a long, queue-like braided ponytail and shaved high on the sides, a far bit of stubble, and luminous brown eyes that shine like burnished copper. Smells of sweat and testosterone. Doesn’t wear any armor, except for a set of kneepads, boots, and gloved bracers, and is usually dressed in a tight black t-shirt and baggy black pants.


Other Notes:
Is an irreverent smart ass with few social graces and a predilection for reckless behaviour and taking things that don’t belong to him…especially if they go really, really fast. Doesn’t carry any guns, although he’ll use them if they happen to “fall into his hands.” Rather, he carries a number of throwing knives and an axe which he puts to good use. His most notable item, however, is “J.A.C,” his insect-winged cybercat drone, who is more of a partner in crime than a beloved pet.


Has yet to reveal much about his past.


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