Indora's Claim

The Story So Far...

A blog for your campaign

- Travelled by transport (along with Doc, Saksuun, and Kazue) to the planet of Indora Prime, a small ice world in the Indora system.
- Landed at the spaceport in New Moscow, a small dome city located near the planet’s equator and the only Coalition settlement on Indora Prime.
- Travelled by armored skiff (i.e., Black SUV with tinted windows) to the governor’s palace.
- Met with the governor, Yuri Baklovik (of House Jinzhan).
- Was told that he was having issues with various militant extremists, most notably apostate guerrillas and the Jacob’s Hand terrorist group, issues he hoped we could alleviate without undue media attention.
- During the briefing, the compound was attacked by armed and armored troops (some of whom were augmented) who arrived via drop pods. Seemed to be trying to kill the governor.
- Through a combined effort of the governor’s security and ourselves, the attackers were defeated and the governor protected. No known survivors amongst the attackers. During the battle, Saksuun used a smoke grenade and Doc used his nano swarm to create a wall to shield the governor while he retreated to safety. J.A.C. and I “requisitioned” the SUV during the chaos and used it to mow down several opponents, including a heavily cybered thug who got caught in the engine. Kazue rode shotgun, firing at passersby.
- Left before the Centurions (or whatever passes for local law enforcement) showed up.
- Found a place to stay in town. Freshened up. Cleaned the vehicle’s interior and exterior.
- The group decided to hit a local bar, despite Saksuun’s protests, to get a feel for the local scene.
- For some reason, Saksuun attacked and killed some guy (and his security) in the parking lot and accosted his date. He cut off the guy’s head (which he took, along with the guy’s ride) and left with Kazue and Doc. They then headed out of town. Followed in the SUV.



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